Welcome to the 9th Wave Merchandise page. NEW!!! Our 7th CD is available NOW!  - Surfin' with Poseidon

Also, we have reissued our first two CD releases, Cruising for Mako and Surf Denial, as well as our classic 9th Wave grey T-Shirts. We have a new black T-shirt with the 9th Wave tiki logo as well. Our third CD, Hurricane, our fourth CD, Time Tunnel, our 5th CD, Creepsters from the Deep, and our 6th CD, Victory at Sunset, are also available. Please click and visit the order form for more information about how to purchase.


Surfin' with Poseidon CD - available NOW!


Victory at Sunset CD

Creepsters from the Deep CD

Time Tunnel CD

Hurricane CD

Surf Denial CD


Cruising for Mako CD

Black T-shirt front

Classic T-shirt

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